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The only way to know what your mattress truly contains is to make it yourself

We offer alternatives to non-biodegradable slab mattresses that wear out unevely

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Chemical free

Mattress manufacturers are not required to disclose what type of flame retardants they apply or that come presoaked into the fabrics and fillings they source that get added into the finished mattress. These materials are considered proprietary, basically "trade secrets" that can also be kept secret from the end user. This applies to mattresses "marketed as organic" as well. Quotes are used as there are no organic regulations that pertain to mattresses.

Easy to fluff or smooth worn out areas back to new

The video below shows what we mean by smoothed to new. If your fillings are able to be fluffed or smoothed even, your mattress can never wear out unevely in the main sleeping zones. Springs can wear out unevenly as well. Many folks suffer from back pain but don't want to admit the cause is the mattress that they just purchased a few years ago.

Fillings are easy to access to clean, add to, or replace as needed

If you cannot access or change out your mattress fillings then you are buying a disposable mattress that is doomed for the landfill within 5 years. Manufacturers do not test their mattresses for 25 years before selling them, that 25 year warranty claim is just marketing and the seller is simply playing the odds you won't actually ship your mattress back to them for the refund.

Made with 100% biodegradable fillings that can be returned to the earth with zero harm

Imagine disposing of your current mattress by mulching your organic garden with it. Yeah, please don't do that unless you made your own mattress using the best organic fillings you could source.

Hemp Hull Review

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note in thanks for all your help. The hemp/latex mattress is truly wonderful: I have less joint and body pain and generally must be sleeping better as I am more energized" 


Try a Hull Pillow

Not sure which hull filling to choose for your mattress? Try sleeping with a hull pillow first.

We sell organic cotton zippered cases and pillow size bags of hulls here.

Our double pocket case allows you to try out layering fillings.

Any filling can also be added to a large sample pod, just ask!

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