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How long will my New Twist Mattress last?   

What does a hull mattress feel like?     

Is there a showroom where I can try a New Twist Mattress?  

What happens as hulls break down? Do I need to replace them and how often? What maintenance is required with a hull mattress

What is the best sleeping position on a hull mattress?

Are there any problems with insects getting into a hull mattress or pillow?

New Twist Mattress verses the Original Twist / Questions regarding older designs 

Moving with my New Twist Mattress and ideas for small spaces.  Can I roll up my mattress?

Buckwheat hulls verses millet hulls?  What about mixing buckwheat hulls and millet hulls together as a filling?

Filling the New Twist with other materials or need help with a personal DIY project using our materials?  

Can I buy a New Twist Mattress already made?  

How should I dispose of my hull mattress when it's life is over?

Allergies and Hulls

Sheets / mattress protector / puddle pad questions / What happens if my mattress gets wet?

Bed frame questions / Can I use a New Twist mattress directly on the floor? On a futon sofa?

Crib and toddler mattress / co-sleeping questions    

Sourcing Hulls locally / Reducing shipping costs / Custom shipping quotes / Canadian orders

Can I sew my own New Twist Kit?

Millet Hulls verses Buckwheat Hulls?  What about mixing buckwheat hulls and millet hulls together as a filling?   

Is it ok if my kids jump on a hull filled mattress?