DIY Box Bed Frame July 23 2017

Historically, beds were as simple as wood boxes raised off the floor, filled with readily available materials from nature. It is so nice to see the return of this concept!  This photo was sent in from one of our customers who made his own box style bed frame for his DIY buckwheat hull mattress.   We love the orientation of the pods (customer's own design).  Since the frame holds the...

Meet Lynne (and please be nice, this was her first attempt at filming herself) December 10 2016

This link will take you to our free to watch intro video to our first Skillshare class called Endless Possibilities with Linking Pillows.  Why not sign up and preview Lynne make a cushion using linking pillows?

Linking Pillows hit the scene December 02 2016

How much fun is THIS going to be?  I have spent literally the last month playing with a new product, Linking Pillow Cases. Some days I am braiding them, others I weave, then some days I knot or twist.  Yes, there are many creations that I stand back and look at, shake my head and say "...nah".  But that is ok because I simply undo them and start another design!...

How to Recycle a Mattress November 10 2016

Ok, YOU need a new mattress, but have you stopped to think if the WORLD needs a new mattress? The first thing I learned when I started making mattresses was they are very large items containing lots of bulky materials. Nowadays, it is getting harder to give away old mattresses as most people prefer new over used when it comes to their bedding. So how do you handle getting rid of your old mattress?...

Sand Mattress? October 06 2016

Sand as a mattress filling?  This was not our idea but one of our customer's. In his email to us he said the only place he could sleep free of back pain was at the beach.  He was writing to know if he could use sand in our mattress kits instead of buckwheat hulls.   I grew up near the beach and had also spent many nights sleeping on sand. I remember how it did give...

Will sensors in our pillows, connected to our iPhones be the answer to a better night's sleep? February 11 2016

Patricia Marx's New Yorker article In Search Of Forty Winks is a light take on the latest crop tech gadgets to send us off to dreamland. Spoiler Alert: Sleep is something people have been doing forever because it's as essential to living as food! A lot of OYEB customers are finding that hull mattress' and pillows are the answer to a better night's sleep, but if any of you out there would like...

New Modular Pod design November 21 2014

Our new design is exciting as you can add pods on in any direction to make your mattress wider, longer, or even a different shape!  The organic cotton pods are each filled with the same amount of organic buckwheat hulls and are woven together by organic cotton straps that are hidden underneath the mattress. I can see an L shape configuration with an ottoman to make a mattress that can pose as...

Why are people not talking about this? September 22 2013

My home burn test:  Foam verses buckwheat hulls I cannot seem to ignite buckwheat hulls, no matter how hard I try.  They seem to extinguish themselves similar to wool.  So why is it that I cannot find any information on this wonderful property of buckwheat hulls, especially because it makes such a great mattress filling?  This is a test I did years ago. So interesting, I would like to see...

Can a hull mattress help you lose weight? April 14 2013

     I have been sleeping on a buckwheat hull mattress for over 4 years now.  I have gradually been losing weight but I do not know why. My diet and activity level has not changed but I am about 7 pounds lighter than I was 3 years ago.  This morning I had a thought that it may be my mattress that is helping me trim down.  I did a quick...

So true March 07 2013

  "The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less." ▼   Socrates

The Tiny House Blog June 19 2012

I wanted to send a big thanks to Kent Griswold for putting up my article on his blog.  If you have never visited this blog you should check it out.  You do not have to live in a tiny house to appreciate all the very cool space saving ideas.  Check it out here!

News: Eight Foot Round Twist Mattress Kit Delivered June 12 2012

 Visit the Make Your Own Mattress Forum to see the latest kit delivered:  An 8 foot round custom kit for a floating bed!
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