Wabi-sabi Your Mattress

Wabi-sabi is the name for the Japanese cultural practice of embracing the beauty of imperfections.  

No special skills for these Quick Wabi-sabi upgrades:



Clockwise from upper right:

1. Got something ugly or cheap looking?  Put a sweater arm on it! I do this with vases, mugs, essential oil diffusers, anything that does not make me happy when I look at it. I don't even sew the bottom, just tuck it under but of course you can if you want to.

2. Simple chipped pottery fix with a sharpie.  The trick is getting the color combination that makes you happy.  This small bowl is now my favorite snack bowl as I love the balance of the gray and bright blue.  It has been through the dishwasher daily and my quick fix has not faded. Oooo, I forgot the Gold Sharpie.  I may be chipping some dishes on purpose now :)  

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3. Elevate things you want to keep dry.  I did this with my "Not Forever" kitchen sponge kit. Stacking materials with different textures and finishes makes them individually more special. 

Why not Wabi-sabi your mattress too!  

This is the before and after of a quick fix of an old worn out spring mattress.

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