Open Your Eyes Bedding Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Affiliate page, partner! 

Do you blog, Instagram or talk about your buckwheat hull mattress or pillows? Why not get paid for spreading the word about Open Your Eyes Bedding?

Anyone can become an affiliate. Simply register here and then share your unique affiliate link with your personal or business audience. Some ways to share your link, if you do not have a blog or website, is through direct email, facebook, instagram, or twitter.  

If someone visits our store using your link and makes a purchase, your affiliate account will be credited a 3% commission on that sale! We use cookies to make sure that if your referred shopper leaves our site but comes back within the week and makes a purchase, you still earn a commission, cool huh?

Not a bad side gig!

You will be able to track your affiliate income from your affiliate account dashboard.

Once your commissions reach $50 you can request to be paid out in cash (via a PayPal transfer) - or - you can choose to receive the funds in the form of a coupon to spend on our store which will include a $10 bonus!  So, you don't even need to set up a PayPal account to become an affiliate. 

Sign up here to start earning!

Here is a sample referral:  You refer someone to our shop through your affiliate link and they purchase a Queen Mattress Kit - a sale of $922.50 (before shipping and taxes). Your commission on that referral would be 3% or $27.68.  Sell this size order just twice and you can receive a gift coupon for $65 to spend at our store or ask for a PayPal transfer of $55.35 (minus any PayPal fees you may incur on your PayPal account). 

Hint:  Keep an eye out for our sales (we post them on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow us on both).  Share these Sale Posts with your audiance but be sure to change the link to our site to your referral link to earn commissions.

Terms and Conditions:

We have opened 50 affiliate spots for the taking! Once all 50 affiliate spots are filled, any affiliate accounts that do not earn a commission after 3 months of registration will be deactivated without notice. This is not a big deal as you can always re-register when more spots become available!  Just remember to check that your link is working before posting it and change your links to reflect your new affiliate link if you need to reregister.