Ultimate Hull Pillow Kits


You deserve this pillow!

This *20" X 30" organic cotton insert has two zippered compartments, one for lavender millet hulls and the other for your buckwheat hulls.  The hulls never mix!

Try the lavender millet hulls as your top layer for a softer, more quiet hull pillow.  The buckwheat hull base layer is great for added airflow throughout your pillow.  

Remove or add buckwheat hulls to customize the thickness of your pillow.

Easy to order:  Select the second item on the drop-down menu for the double pocket insert (made from organic double knit fabric) which will come with 4.5 lbs of our lavender millet hulls and 5 pounds of our buckwheat hulls.

This pillow kit will include a handful of calming lavender **mixed into the millet hulls.   

Our envelope style pillowcases work best with our inserts. Inserts are *20 X 30 but will stretch to fill most bed pillowcase sizes.   

You can order additional buckwheat hulls and lavender millet hulls here

* There are no exact measurements as the fabric stretches.  

** If you request your millet hulls to be sent without the added lavender, please be aware that the hulls are screened together with lavender so there will still be trace amounts found in the millet hulls.

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