Our favorite projects made using materials purchased from our store:  

This headboard was made from our template and e-book directions for the Original Twist.  Our directions are only how to create a mattress but this customer adapted the design to make home furnishings!  Our customer used batting type fill verses hulls which do not work well vertically.



This Papasan chair was given a new life with linking pillows.  Looks very high end, compared to the chair with the original, flimsy cushion.  It was very hard to leave once you curled up in this nest filled with comfy, healthy materials.


 A huge mandala of linking pillows!



A DIY topper:  OYEB buckwheat hulls were sewn into individual pockets.  I can see this folded and rolled into a comfy lounge chair.  Add a layer of natural latex that you can roll and store away and you would have a very inviting guest bed set up.



A DIY poof/footstool is filled with OYEB, Scooped Millet hulls encased in a pillow case and embellished with tied together felt pieces.  This was a no sew project!



Individual cases were tied together underneath to create a DIY, OYEB buckwheat hull filled mattress. Looks so wonderful.  I would definitely unmake this bed in the morning!



A cozy shot of our canvas topper filled with scooped millet hulls -  a perfect nap space or casual sofa idea.


This is an interesting, textured bench cushion made from a surplus army blanket sewn into pods, filled with OYEB buckwheat hulls and tied together on the sides.

I would like to put my shoes on here each morning!



Our New Twist tubular fabric filled with buckwheat hulls created these economical twin beds.



Another comfy surface being made with surplus wool army blankets and buckwheat hulls!  I can imagine the whole floor done like this -

that would be some bed-room :)

This fun, twisty furniture was made by a customer by purchasing our Original Twist Pattern and covering existing furniture frames.  Instead of using hulls, she opted to use a synthetic filling.  Seems her pieces have gotten some notice ... how could they not!  (images via Design Milk)


Photo via 


We have the best customers, really, check out the progress photos just sent in with a nice review.  Anna gradually made her mattress from a Twin to a King in the weeks leading up to her marriage.  This shows how you do not have to commit to a full-size mattress right away.  Since the mattress is modular you can try a smaller size mattress and add on later.  Here are her photos:


 Hand stitched Original Twist in progress!  Love the ticking.


New Twist Mattress Kit goes high end in Manhattan Bedroom!

Thank you Marie from Brooklyn, NY for sharing your minimal "day bed" rolled up for storage during the day.

 Weighted kapok throws adorn a modular wood sofa 

Baffles made from our new Twist Kit fabric filled with foraged kapok and then woven together/  40" X 40" X 3"

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