Fabric Care

The fabric used to make your New Twist Kit is made from 100% cotton yarns.  This fabric has a lot of stretch without synthetic elastic.  The stretch comes from how it is woven (in technical fabric terms, it is a knit).  The fabric can be machine washed on cold, gentle cycle and line dried.  Turn your fabric inside out and shake off all filling materials before washing.  Important:  Place your long tubes in a mesh laundry bag made for washing delicate items to prevent your tubes from getting twisted up during the wash cycle.   

Our double knit fabric (all pillow inserts and cases) are made from 100% organic cotton fabric and come pre-washed.  These cases and inserts can be washed in cold or warm water, on a regular wash setting.  Tumble dry low or line dry.  

Important:  Make sure you empty your hulls before washing into a separate bin or bag. If you have a double pocket case empty one side at a time to avoid mixing your hulls.  

Before washing, turn your insert inside out and shake it out - outdoors is easiest.  Brush off any hulls clinging to the inside of your case. Buckwheat hulls can leave a tea like mark on your insert if they get wet so make sure to get them all.  A few millets hulls can go through the wash without issue.

Our (discontinued) canvas and organic muslin fabrics are also 100% cotton and we recommend to spot clean or dry clean only as they will shrink if washed.  



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