New Twist Mattress Kit Reviews (Thank you Fallon from St. Petersburg, FL reviewing New Twist Pod Style Mattress Kit)
"It's been two weeks of awesomeness and I'll never go back."  
Jennifer from IL wrote a great blog post detailing her experience making her Full size New Twist Mattress.  Read the full blog post here.
I just bought a king size bed kit for when my fiancé and I get married. I finally finished it just a week out from the wedding! Here are pictures of the process if you'd like to share them with future customers or use them to promote your lovely company. I have been sleeping in the bed for about a month now (I initially just made a twin size) and I love it!
Anna also shared a series of progress photos that is a must see! Her entire "build" can be viewed here on our DIY Gallery Page.  Thank you agian!!
(Anna from Huntsville, AL reviewing the King New Twist Mattress kit)

Christine, from San Antonio, TX shared her DIY Bed Frame Kit  progress photo with us.  Thank you so much Christine, great job!   


Been sleeping on our new buckwheat mattress and millet/lavender pillows for about 1 month now.  We have never slept better!  What a great product, thank you!  We ended up building our own bed frame with 4 pieces of wood and it worked out great.  Wishing you guys lots more success!    (Virginia from Kittery Point, ME reviewing the New Twist pod style kit and lavender millet hull pillow kits)
I love my new bed :)
My friends named it the Hippie-Hipster Marshmallow Bed :D
I slept really well the first few nights and I am very happy with my purchase. Neck and back problems gone. (I knew my last mattress was too soft.)
Thanks, and I’ll be happy to recommend you to friends and family.
(Birgit, Long Beach, CA reviewing New Twist Pod Style Mattress Kit)
My husband and I bought a kit and hulls from you almost 6 months ago. I was telling a good friend last week that we will most likely never buy a traditional mattress again!  It is very comfortable and I truly appreciate the non-toxic, completely compostable aspect. Also, my husband and I really enjoy that movements don't shake the entire bed. Most impressively, neither of us have woken with a back ache in six months. 
- Jennifer, Fort Collins, CO (reviewing the New Twist Pod Style Mattress Kit)

"We finally got our mattress together. It took a week or two to get used to it, but now its the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on!"   

- Dawn from Muncie, IN   

A bit more from Dawn:  "Honestly, it was more work than we expected to put it together, but then, we are a bit new to some of this (really sedentary jobs and just beginning the transition to "natural"). And then it was really strange the first 10 days or so, and my husband, who doesn't like change, got up and went to another bed the first couple of nights. But then he discovered that his back did better on the buckwheat hulls. After giving it a chance, we never, ever want to go back! Now we both sleep better than we have in years."   


We had a great first night's sleep and I love the feel of the buckwheat hull mattress + pillows!

I'm so thankful for your design and creativity!  This is a huge game-changer in the world of non-toxic sleep solutions and healthier homes/bodies in general. I can't believe this isn't more mainstream. Why would people choose to sleep on toxic, conventional mattresses when there are more comfortable and affordable alternatives? I want to shout from the rooftops how great your company is -- and believe me, I will be spreading the word!

Thanks again! 

Katrina from Oakdale CT (reviewing the New Twist Mattress Kits and custom made pillow inserts, all filled with organic buckwheat hulls)



I just wanted to write and tell you how happy my husband and I are with our new twist buckwheat mattress.  I didn't realize how poorly we really slept prior to using our new mattress, until now.  We are both in our early twenties and used to wake up with lower back pain every morning, which I thought was normal.  Since using our buckwheat mattress, neither of us have had any back pain, or toss and turn at night.  I can actually fall asleep on my back now, versus my side, and it feels very comfortable.  
The first two nights were a little difficult, only because we used a full-size bottom sheet on our queen-size mattress which made it really tight, and defeating the purpose.  The second night we went with no sheet at all, and the tubes separated as we slept, which only makes sense.  Now, we use our full-size mattress pad with no sheet until we can buy some queen sheets, and it works perfectly!  (The mattress pad has plenty of give.)  For now, we are just using our mattress on the ground, and it actually looks really nice and cozy.  We might not buy a bed frame after-all!
Thanks to you for creating such a natural, comfortable mattress, we'll be preventing future back problems in the future.  I wanted to post this on your website, but I couldn't figure out how.  I would love if you could copy and paste this and put it up there!  I've told all my co-workers, all of whom are intrigued. One of them is even thinking of getting your mattress topper! 
Thanks again, and best wishes for you and your growing business in the future!
- Karen and Kyle from Clinton, Connecticut 
No text came with this review but by the expression we assume it is positive  :)
"It's been just 2 weeks since we made our bed.  It took us about 4 1/2 hours to make.
We had buckwheat hulls everywhere (LOL), and are still finding them around.  :-) 
We are getting used to the bed, I haven't slept this soundly since I was a child.
I love it, and my husband says that his back is no longer hurting."

- Karen from Soulsbyville, CA

Karen also shared how she altered the design of her mattress by weaving a spare tube down the center and adding 15 extra pounds of hulls!




 "Best sleep I have ever had! Thank you!"  

- Christine from Jackson, MS (reviewing organic muslin topper filled with buckwheat hulls)


I wanted to write to say that the Millet Hull pillows are amazing. They are the best pillows in the world. I am ready to tell my family and friends about your shop and this brilliant pillow you've introduced.   THANK YOU!  

- Greta from Point Roberts, WA (reviewing our millet hull pillow kits)

 "I have just finished! It's very late but I have left one very happy little girl asleep on your mattress and had to literally drag a very excited little boy off it. I'm really pleased, it could probably be improved and tweaked here and there but for a first go, home alone with two toddlers I think it's pretty good! (luckily the children decided to nap in shifts this afternoon/evening, a rare event!). 

Thank you for coming up with and sharing such an interesting design, it's such a clever idea because it is so simple, yet it looks so intricate. I hope to have some opportunity to try it out for comfort myself soon, but the kids seemed very keen on it tonight!  
It was also a great way to spend the evening!"
- Louise from the United Kingdom (reviewing the New Twist Kit, which she customized the size of by leaving off two tubes to fit her nook perfectly)



This headboard was created by a customer who bought the pdf e-book for the Twist Original design for $39.99.  She did all the sewing herself using her own fabric. Instead of using hulls, which would have been too heavy for this vertical application,  she used a light weight pillow filling.  Stunning DIY project, I would call it a work of art.   Thank you for sharing Latifa from Dubai.


Many people say that until they visited our website, making their own mattress had never crossed their minds!

When other people view the photos or hear more about your experience making your own mattress or furniture they will feel empowered to make their own too. We are very excited about the opportunity to post some our customer's projects here.

Making your own mattress is physical work and many hands make light work. Why not hold a mattress making event in your community or have a small get together with some like minded friends who may be interested in making their own mattress as well? Have fun and snap some photos along the way!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback,  

Owner, Open Your Eyes Bedding

Please send your jpeg photos and comments to: info@openyoureyesbedding.com 


"Now I can't get out of bed in the morning! In all seriousness, this is a wonderful addition to any bed. I was a bit concerned that the buckwheat might noisily shift around, form an uncomfortable sag, or be too hard. After a week, I have found none of the above. Super comfortable, providing a bit of firmness but not hardness and allowing for a good night of deep sleep. Happy customer."  

- Sam from Arcata, CA  (reviewing his buckwheat hull mattress topper )


Thank you Mavis from Accord, NY for sharing photos of how you personalized your Bed Frame Kit to fit your room!


"Ok, where to start. I googled buckwheat topper and there she was, Lynne (owner of OYEB). She was informative and knowledgeable about what makes a comfortable sleep surface. She gave me prompt responses and updates on her progress. I was not left to guess how things were going. I highly recommend the hulls as substitute for other cushions/toppers. I initially was a bit concern about the pouches not having enough hulls, but Lynne assured me of the right amount. Now I have the topper and her proof. Thank you Lynne."

- Dianna from Watauga, TX (reviewing her buckwheat hull mattress topper)



"Thanks for the mattress..the guide was great!  And we really really really like all your products"

- Heather from Spokane WA (reviewing the Twist Original Kit, the Twist Easy Kit, toppers, and pillow inserts)


"Thank you, everything arrived at the right place in a timely manner! I am enjoying using my favorite old sheets again that were not deep enough for my last (traditional) mattress. It's hard to describe how it feels to sleep on the buckwheat - but I am sleeping great, even the first night before the pods were woven together. When it comes time to "un-weave" it for any reason, I'll put it together next in the no-weave style. The weaving was more of a project than I realized - a bit hard on my back. "

- Janice, Keizer OR  (reviewing the Twist Easy, original flower design, in soft woven fabric). 


"I just want to tell you that I slept on the buckwheat hull mattress topper last night for the first time. I had a wonderful nights sleep. I am very pleased with the quality of the canvas mattress topper and look forward to many more nights of restorative sleep.  Thanks so much for making the buckwheat hull mattress possible. You are a true pioneer."    

-  Donna from Orlando FL (reviewing the canvas mattress topper filled with buckwheat hulls) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"Love my bed!!!  Took me 3 hours to put together, was so excited had to post it on FB :)  Thanks for creating this!"  

-Vanessa from Nevada




I was given a millet hull pillow as a gift. At first, it seemed hard, a little unwieldy. Then I got the right arm positioning and loved it.  The filling is like sand at the beach; you move it around and it conforms to you. My husband tried to steal it from me; I kept taking it back.  If you read in bed a lot like I do, it is excellent for back support. Make it into a triangle shape (with the wide part at the small of your back) and it props you up. Recently, I was given the ultimate pillow kit (and relegated the millet hull pillow to my husband's side). It's really beautiful material, and the whole thing with the lavender scent is very luxurious and full. It's hard to imagine sleeping with one of those synthetic fiber pillows, ever again.

Anne from Stone Ridge, NY


"..then we put together the last piece of  Avery's all natural mattress! I am very excited about this project because it turned out really comfortable.  Here is the mattress all put together and it really is lovely and healthy. I want to thank Open Your Eyes Bedding for this wonderful idea and product!  I ended up with wooden slats, a base mattress made out of cotton batting, a wonderful buckwheat hull mattress topper and finally a sheep's wool mattress pad"  

  - Stacy from South Carolina (reviewing Muslin Buckwheat Hull Mattress Topper) 

See the details of this DIY mattress construction here!


Thanks Lynne,
Turned out great and my son slept well in it for the first night last night.  He's super excited about his "big boy bed"
- Jenny from Columbus, Ohio (reviewing Twist Easy, one layer kit)


"Have to say I love the bed.  The time it took to put together was totally worth it.  I started out just taking naps on it, to get adjusted, but now I sleep the whole night through.  Not only is my body comfortable, but my mind can rest easy knowing that I am sleeping on good materials and that it didn't break my bank!  I'm planning on upgrading my twin to a king just as soon as I can convince my girlfriend to get on board (she still sleeps on our old latex mattress which now feels floppy and uneven to me).  Thanks for a great product and for your quick shipping and customer service.  I am recommending your beds to everyone I talk to."

- Matt from Chicago, IL (reviewing the New Twist)


Thanks for sharing your photo of your finished mattress!  (Lisa from Ithaca, NY)
Just wanted to say thanks for getting all our nice organic fabric and filler to us.  I made the bed last week and we are enjoying it.  I immediately noticed the nice fresh smell.  I have asthma and I think that sleeping on something healthy will be good instead of the junk we had.
We are thankful that you shared your creativity with all of us.
(Pat from Bozeman MT reviewing the Organic New Twist Mattress)
The nice folks at Permies.com took one of our body pillows / toppers for a test run and wrote up a review.  Here is what they said:
"First impressions are the most important and there's something very fun about a giant bag of buckwheat hulls and plunging your hands into them! 
The topper itself is broken down into four compartments with neatly stitched velcro seals to be filled with buckwheat to the density you prefer. Funnel not included, but an empty vinegar jug did the trick. I like a fairly firm mattress for support around my middle and lower back and a little more give around my shoulders and head and with the malleability of buckwheat hulls and individualized compartments I was able to fill each to provide the firmness zones I needed. 
After the first few nights I am very pleased. The topper is quite comfortable and the hulls also provide unique sleeping surface akin to memory foam but with more support and firmness. Even if roll over or change positions a little wriggling can set the hulls to my new position. The natural materials provide and all around sleep experience, the smell of the buckwheat wafts through the sheets, which I really enjoy, as well as a light rustling of leaves which is very soothing. 
Being a part of the generation of factory-made and potentially toxic products it was a revelation to me at the comfort that comes from a product made from all natural and renewable materials.  "  

Thank you Lynne! I think we've figured it out. It feels great and everything seems to be secure. I am so glad we made the switch.  Thank you for all your help.  I love the versatility, this is awesome!  Laura from Duluth, Minnesota (commenting on making her own New Twist King Mattress design)


After a while of troubleshooting, I realized I had put my knots in the hull zone instead of outside.  I re-did the mattresses and couldn't believe how tight I had made them compared to how they were supposed to be.  The mattresses felt amazing last night and exceeded my expectations with how comfortable they were!  I'm so glad I was able to troubleshoot and get them fixed.  I woke up with absolutely no pain this morning for the first time in a really long while!  My husband and son are still sound asleep. :)  Thanks so much for your ingenuity!  

Brittany from Grand Rapids, MI  (reviewing her New Twist Mattress)


The mattress cover has made an enormous difference for me.  I’ve had serious back pain for years, and getting worse until I got your pillow, and I feel there is a real turnaround. 

Maryam from Alberta, Canada (commenting on her canvas body pillow cover filled with buckwheat hulls)


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new mattress! I really enjoyed the assembly and found it so exciting to have a more intimate hand at setting up the mattress.  Working with the buckwheat hulls and fabric was very pleasing to the senses, an art project rather than a chore.  
I found the instructions to be very clear and helpful.  One thing you could add is to warn about dusty hulls--working with the hulls made a lot of dust. Had I grabbed a dust mask early on I would have spared my lungs.  
The mattress is just as beautiful as the pictures, a piece of modern art!  My biggest fear was that the hulls would be noisy and I am please to find it is almost silent. I have delighted in the personality of the mattress--the different ways the pods conform to my body-- and over time it has loosened up (to my liking). 
I feel so rewarded for persisting in my search for a alternative mattress.  This is so much more than a mattress--it feels like an interactive process b/w myself and the two very simple materials!  I love it.  It has made my bed and my space more my own.  Best of luck to your business!
Dionne from Brisbane, CA  (reviewing her New Twist Mattress)



Wanted to let you know, I have been using my sample pod as a small pillow and I sleep all night without snoring (or grinding my teeth)!!! Buckwheat hulls ...where have you been all my life? 

I am looking forward to ordering more from you soon. I want to make some pillows for Christmas gifts and I will be ordering a kit for queen bed the first of next year.  I am telling everyone I know to check out your site, because I believe in this product, and your outstanding customer service. Thank You :) 

Christy from Spring Hope, NC


I have been meaning to get back to you for so long!  The bed is amazing!

I just wanted to tell you I oriented the pods in the other direction and they are 6 across and 7 down...so I think its a bit wider than a queen and a bit longer than a king.  I put 5lbs in each pod and it seems perfect to me!  Thanks so much for all the help you gave me in making this decision!
Dorothy from Sterling, VA  (reviewing the New Twist Pod style mattress kit using discounted, off width fabric)

I’ve been sleeping on my new corner bed since October and love it, plus the freedom of shape has allowed me to make much better use of the space in a small room! I’m excited to see how it will grow and evolve along with me over the next few years.  I'm sure it will involve updating my grad school budget frame at some point. : )   Thanks and happy napping, 

(Brittany from Tempe, AZ reviewing her New Twist 28 piece kit she assembled into a triangle shape!)



We absolutely LOVE the new set up. Everyone slept so good last night!! Thanks,

(Amnee from Kansas City, MO  reviewing her King New Twist Mattress)


It looks great in the play room. Thanks!! Love it and especially that we made it.

(Anne from Stone Ridge, NY reviewing canvas Linking Pillows filled with organic buckwheat hulls)


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