Best Pillows for an AirBnB?

You may not have heard of hotels that offer pillow menus but your guest may have!  They may come to expect that they will have a choice in the loft and firmness of their pillows during their stay. 

Organic cases and sheets can be a great selling point when describing your AirBnB's bedding.

A too soft pillow may cause neck pain and even an early departure.

Keep in mind too that some of your guests may have sensitivities to certain pillow fillings. 

Offering them a variety of sleeping pillows could help them choose your location over another just because they want to try out all the different pillows! 

It is also a good idea to have multiple pillows in rotation to keep them fresh.  

Did you know adding lavender buds to your pillows keeps them smelling country air fresh for months!   

Reach out and we will be happy to create a pillow package to accommodate all your guests needs.  No more bad pillow reviews and an experience like no other. 

Your Pillow Menu can help you stand out as an AirBnB Superhost.

Add lavender buds to your pillows and surprise your guests with the best sleep!

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