Make Your Own DIY Handmade Mattress

Why are people not talking about this? September 22 2013

My home burn test:  Foam verses buckwheat hulls I cannot seem to ignite buckwheat hulls, no matter how hard I try.  They seem to extinguish themselves similar to wool.  So why is it that I cannot find any information on this wonderful property of buckwheat hulls, especially because it makes such a great mattress filling?  This is a test I did years ago. So interesting, I would like to see...

Can a hull mattress help you lose weight? April 14 2013

     I have been sleeping on a buckwheat hull mattress for over 4 years now.  I have gradually been losing weight but I do not know why. My diet and activity level has not changed but I am about 7 pounds lighter than I was 3 years ago.  This morning I had a thought that it may be my mattress that is helping me trim down.  I did a quick...

So true March 07 2013

  "The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less." ▼   Socrates

The Tiny House Blog June 19 2012

I wanted to send a big thanks to Kent Griswold for putting up my article on his blog.  If you have never visited this blog you should check it out.  You do not have to live in a tiny house to appreciate all the very cool space saving ideas.  Check it out here!

News: Eight Foot Round Twist Mattress Kit Delivered June 12 2012

 Visit the Make Your Own Mattress Forum to see the latest kit delivered:  An 8 foot round custom kit for a floating bed!

Sew Your Own Kit - Template is now available! June 12 2012

Is having a kit delivered to your door too easy for you?  Do you want the rights to claim "I made my own mattress from scratch!" ?  Now you can order just the template (including sewing and assembly instructions) for $39.99.  This option shows up when you click to order your Twist Mattress Kit, just select the pdf template option under the mattress size pull down menu!  

How to do the Twist June 11 2012

(THIS VIDEO IS FOR THE ORIGINAL TWIST DESIGN, NOT THE NEW TWIST KIT) Watch this video on how to twist your pod chains. The grid you create (see assembly instructions pdf) should give you a flower pattern. Each flower should have 6 petals but will share petals with neighboring flowers. When you twist, always go over (not under) with the pod chain you choose for wrapping around the two lower...

Luffa Freak of Gourd World May 14 2012

    I love the title of this article, which by the way, suggests the use of luffa as a mattress stuffing!  Plant your own luffa garden this spring and be sleeping on it by the fall :)  Read article here.  Image via Daves Garden.
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