Our Strawbale House - 12 years in

We love to talk to people who may be considering straw bale construction.  We found it is not an easy DIY building project and it does not save you a lot in construction costs, but when you live in one it does keep giving back.  

Lower heat bills + knowing exactly what your house is really made of are the best qualities.  Our home helps us think twice about what we buy.  That is how we started Open Your Eyes Bedding.  

We could not imagine bringing in three large slabs of mattress foam, containing who knows what, to off-gas in our new all natural home and we could not afford three wool organic mattresses. AIso, I read that wool compacts over time and I would need to comb out the wool yearly, which seemed too difficult with twin babies at the time.  

So here we are 12 years later, still loving our home, still trying to keep it pure and still sleeping on the same buckwheat hulls we made our mattresses from 10 years ago!   


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