Shredded Natural Dunlop Latex


Shredded latex currently ships FREE   

(Shredded latex ships separate from your hemp hulls and may take just a few days longer to ship)

$9 per pound in 5 pound quantities.

Save $1 per pound, in 10 pound quantities.

Natural Shredded Dunlop Latex ingredients:

      1  Organic Latex Rubber 96%

      2  Zinc Oxide 2%

      3  Fatty Acid Soaps 1%

      4  Sulfur 1%

      5  Sodium 1%  

Item 1 is pure, natural rubber harvested exclusively from the “Hevea Brasiliensis” tree, which grows primarily in South-East Asia. Natural tree rubber is sustainably harvested and the trees are not harmed but skillfully tapped, similar to how we harvest maple syrup here.  

Ingredients 2 thru 5 are foaming agents that are essential to the vulcanization, foaming and curing process that all latex cores must go though. The finished product is then washed a minimum of 3 times to remove any residuals that may be left over after curing. 

I feel assured that we are selling a product that, for being man-made, is quite natural.

4 lbs = approximately 1 cubic foot, loosely packed

Pair with our hemp sand filling to make an amazing sleep surface.  See our concept hemp sand mattress here.

Biodegradable shredded latex, although is heavier than non biodegradable synthetic pellets, is a popular choice for a natural bean bag filling.  

The Dunlop process used is considered to produce a more durable foam for a longer lasting product.

Shredded latex is a great way to increase the softness of hemp or buckwheat hulls, you only need a little to make a big difference! 


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