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We are getting our fillings all mixed up, but in a good way!

We have a few 12" X 12" X 7" filled experimental boxes we mixed up just for fun today. 

TWO LEFT The first photo is of a new product test, Seafoam, a combination of natural latex and natural latex coated seaweed, yes actual seaweed.  This is a very springy mix! 

1 deeply discounted box available / see drop down menu below to order

(You could order a double pocket pillow insert and layer 8-10 pounds lof hemp sand to see what a hemp sand mattress feels like)


SOLD Next we have a mostly millet hull mix: including some milling fines, some buckwheat hulls, and some larger millet hulls that do not make it through the mesh of our final screening, all pre-dusted and ready for your pillow!  (lavender not added)



Cosmetically challenged New Twist Mattress Kit tubes 


21 in stock

These are standard length tubes that have the slightest cosmetic only flaw (all tubes are structurally sound).  They may have a blemish, a wrinkle or a glitched double stitch somewhere but the flaw can easily be positioned under your pod or along the strap to not be seen.

Enter your kit fabric from the product page and then apply 30%OFF coupon code at checkout to receive these tubes!





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