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40% OFF

Ultimate Pillow's organic zippered pillow insert (20 X 30)  

5 available.

Insert only, hulls and envelope pillowcase sold separately.  

A seamstress in training had some stuck zipper issues.  This issue was not caught right away and we ended up with a short pile of cases with one working zipper and one that is stuck. We thought instead of redoing these, we should simply sell them at a deep discount.    

So instead of using buckwheat hulls and millet hulls combined why not try all buckwheat hulls or all lavender millet hulls?  Each case holds 9 pounds lavender millet hulls and 9 pounds buckwheat hulls.  

We sell pillow quantities of our hulls here and envelope style pillowcase here.


10 % OFF  Discounted (damaged bag) organic buckwheat hulls.  3 available.

A few bags from our last shipment came with some slightly torn bags.  Sure we could have put in a claim for damage with our freight carrier, but we would rather offer our customers a deal!  No missing product just cosmetic issues with the packaging.   


10% - 22% OFF  New Twist tubular fabric. Plenty in stock!

We received a batch of our tubular fabric that was knit from organic yarns sourced from a different supplier.  These yarns were a bit more coarse so the feeling of the fabric is slightly different from our standard.  We prefer to sell these tubes at a discount as we cannot pair this fabric with our standard kits. These tubes can be ordered normal length or cut into our discount short kit size for even more savings options!


50% OFF  Set of 4 scratch and dent footboards from our DIY Bedframe kit.  

Yes, this can make a complete bed frame in any size!  Includes 4 keys and 8 wedges. No official assembly instructions will be made but this can be figured out by seeing how our backrest model goes together.  The only difference will be the resulting bed frame will be flat and not have a sloping backrest.  Pieces are all structurally sound but may have minor cosmetic isssues.  Most boards can be flipped so best side is facing outward.




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