Certified Organic Hemp Hulls, an Alternative to Buckwheat Hulls


Why shouldn't every night feel like a vacation? 

Certified organic hemp hulls are smaller and more granular than buckwheat hulls.

Layered over a soft, forgiving surface, hemp hulls feel like a sandy beach.   

That is why we call them "hemp sand" but they are not really sand, of course.

Unlike buckwheat hulls that need to be compartmentalized, hemp hulls work best simply poured into a fabric cover like this one.

The fabric should have a good amount of stretch to let the hulls shift and contour to your body. 

A hemp sand topper must be assembled in place and cannot be moved unless you empty the case which can be quickly done with a large juice pitcher.  

Hull mattresses need a sturdy, non slatted bed frame with no bounce or spring, see our bed frame FAQ here.

Click here for WHAT TO ORDER to make your own hemp sand mattress / topper

Hemp sand vs buckwheat hull mattress  

Support HEMP products to combat Climate Change

Hemp hulls are very firm yet very contouring which is what your body needs. Your back is completely supported on this incredibly grounded surface. 

Super clean and virtually dust-free.  Some chaff may be produced with use but overall your hulls will last you a lifetime. 

Other uses for organic hemp hulls include weighted blanket filling,  meditation cushions, organic pet beds, spa and aromatherapy eye masks, or any furniture projects that need a firm structure.    

The bulk box measures 26" X 18" X 12"  (best price bulk box includes two 24 pound bags). 

Need to make your hemp hull project lighter weight?  Try mixing hemp hulls and granulated cork!   

Note, if you are ordering by the pound we must remove the product from the 24 lb certified packaging and it will ship without the organic certification label.

Thinking about making your own hemp sand topper to fix your existing mattress?  Want to know more about this best top layer for your DIY mattress?  Contact us! 

"Hemp hulls made a HUGE difference in how my back feels and how I feel in general when I wake up in the morning" 



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