Bed frame questions / Can I use a New Twist mattress directly on the floor? On a Futon sofa?

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What type of bed frame do you recommend I buy to use with a hull mattress? Can I use my existing box spring?  


It is best to use a sturdy, platform style frame with a flat, non slick surface for your New Twist hull mattress.  The one type of frame to avoid is a widely spaced, slatted frame.  Do not use a frame with bowed slats or springs as any frame with give or movement as this will not work well with a hull mattress.  Think sturdy and grounded when choosing a bed frame.

Hulls like to squeeze through gaps so slats are not recommended.  Your mattress has a lot of air flow so you do not have to worry about blocking air from below.  

If you do have a flat slatted frame, another idea is a bunky board or tatami mat that can placed over the slats. Some folks simply replace their slats with Pure Bond plywood.

We have designed a budget friendly, DIY, bed frame idea that is perfect for a Twist Mattress.



We sell the vertical supports and you purchase the horizontal slats (readily available, 2 X 3 lumber) from your local lumber yard to save on shipping.  The lumber simply slides through the grooves in the vertical supports!  View assembly guide here.

You can widen, your bed frame or make it more narrow. Need something shorter to fit in a smaller space?  It can be adjusted length wise as well. If you decide you want to go to a different size bed in the future, you can simply adjust the size of your bed frame instead of buying a new one.  Imagine a toddler bed being able to be used throughout ones entire life as it can grow to a King size bed.  The frame can come straight or with an integrated headboard as shown in the link above.  You can use two headboard pieces to make a sleigh style bed too!  

The modern / rustic design will not be for everyone, but you will be able to finish the look with your own paint or stain to make it fit your decor.  Order your bed frame kit here.

Is it ok to use my New Twist Mattress directly on the floor?

Yes, as long as the surface is not slick. If you put your mattress on a slick wood floor for example, the mattress will tend to spread out and may cause gaps between the pods.  Simply put something under your mattress that provides some grab.  A wool blanket or area rug works fine. Use your judgement if living in damp or humid climates.  Under these circumstances you may not want to sleep with your mattress directly on the floor. Mold and mildew will grow anywhere if the conditions are right.

What about for use on bunk beds? 

We do not recommend hull mattresses for upper bunks unless they are extremely sturdy.  You also would want to make sure you have an inverted fitted sheet or another non porous material on the mattress of the upper bunk to catch any broken bits of hulls that can escape the open weave of the fabric and land on the person below! 

Will a New Twist Mattress work on futon beds that fold up to a sofa during the day?

Buckwheat hulls do not cooperate on vertical surfaces.  They will slump, sag and be difficult to manage. We have had luck in the past with the Original Twist design by tying down each twist point to a futon chair.  We cannot guarantee if this would work for your futon and we do not have a set of instructions on how to do this, but it may be a DIY project you may want to tackle on your own.  If you have success, please send us a photo at   We would love to see and share it with others who may have the same idea!