Hemp hull Cot topper cover 30" X 80"


The cover is made with two separate pieces of fabric that zip together around the bottom edge. There is a 1" box corner but the thickness of this cover can stretch to up to 3 inches once filled.   

The washable top piece is a plush knit fabric which contains 80% organic cotton and 20% polyester. The polyester is used to prevent the cover from shrinking when washed. The bottom piece is a 100% organic cotton woven fabric (not washable) that helps to prevent the topper from sliding.

Recommended filling: 2 bulk boxes of hemp hulls (96lbs) sold here

This is a topper that needs to be made in place due to its weight.

Organic Cotton (80%) / Polyester (20%) Blend Top
Organic Cotton Bottom

Custom made for us by Sleep on Latex


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