Certified Organic Hemp Sand Mattress Filling


!New! Certified organic, super clean hemp sand - Introductory offer only $2.50 per lb if ordering bulk box!

Here at Open Your Eyes Bedding we believe sleep should be a vacation from our ordinary lives. A time to dream and restore our bodies, filling up our batteries for the next day.

Our certified organic hemp hulls are smaller and a bit more substantial than buckwheat hulls. We like to call them hemp sand as laying on them feels like you are on a soft beach. Hemp sand is very firm and contouring. Your body will feel shaped to and completely supported on this ultimate, grounded surface. 

Sleeping on hemp sand will, of course, not be for everyone but if you are up for the adventure, take the road less traveled and see where it brings you!  Hemp sand sleeps cool but not cold like real sand. Hemp hulls are also super clean and virtually dust-free requiring no maintenance.  

This is not a mattress kit we offer (we only provide the hulls) but a DIY mattress idea we would like to share with our creative, awesome and entrepreneurial customers. You can view our Full size prototype using just 4 bulk boxes of hemp sand on Instagram #HempSandMattress

Hemp is an amazing plant and we are so thankful the restrictions pertaining to this plant have now been lifted. Regulations these days can change on a dime, so make sure you get your hands on these hulls while the prohibition has been lifted.   

Other uses for organic hemp sand include weighted blanket filling, meditation cushions, organic pet / dog beds, relaxing and aromatherapy eye masks.  Hemp sand is a perfect filling for a footstool/ottoman or any other soft furniture product that needs a firm structure. 

The bulk box measures 26" X 18" X 12"  (best price bulk box includes two 24 pound bags). Note, if you are ordering by the pound we must remove the product from the 24 lb certified packaging and it will ship without the organic certification label.

Your adventure starts here!


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