Organic Pillow Inserts


The double knit, organic, 100% cotton fabric makes a very soft and very quiet, hull pillow.  

You may have heard that hull pillows are noisy.  This is only due to the fact that the soft rustling sound of the hulls may be amplified by pillows made from the wrong type of fabric.  

You should experiment to see what quantity of hulls is best for you, but we recommend up to 9 pounds maximum weight of hulls (both lavender millet and buckwheat hulls) to fill this cover.  Inserts measure approximately *20" X 30".  

We also now are offering neck roll pillows that are *10" X 30".  The neck roll pillows will hold a maximum of 4.5 pounds of buckwheat hulls and maximum 4 pounds of lavender millet hulls.   

Don't forget to order the coordinating,  Envelope style pillowcases which work best to protect your inserts.  You can use a standard pillowcase, but our cases have the same stretch as our inserts. Stiff cases, without stretch, can restrict your hulls.  Give your hulls the freedom to perfectly contour to your head, neck, and shoulders for best results.

Can't decide between a millet hull and a buckwheat hull pillow?   Check out our  New!  Ultimate Hull Pillow Kit  New! 

Safety Note:  Do not let infants sleep on buckwheat hull pillows as they are considered soft bedding and a SIDS risk. 

(note:  zippers are not organic)

* We do our best to estimate the sizes of our pillows but they spread and scrunch to size so there really is no exact measurements with hull filled pillows!  Also, the fabric stretches due to how it is woven and may stretch a bit with use.  

Read more about the benefits of lavender here.


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