The Forever Sponge Project


Forever Sponges ship free! (current sponge kit wool colors: blues and purples)

By redesigning a normally disposable item, your kitchen dish sponge, into a beautiful and valued possession, we believe we can stop the unsustainable "use and toss" cycle that is destroying our planet.   

The goal of this project is to shift our mindsets about this one household item 






The design for this project is a simple sponge kit made from up-cycled wool + hemp fiber filling

  • The approximate 3.75" x 3" size case is sewn from up=cycled, high wool content fabric and your kit includes the .5 ounces of US grown hemp fiber filling (no sewing is required). 
  • These two materials are naturally antimicrobial, super absorbent and can last for a VERY long time if properly cared for. See Kit Care. Additional hemp fiber filling is available to purchase below.
  • Forever sponges have been tested and work great. Once you make the switch you will never need to buy another petroleum-based or disposable "eco" sponge ever again.
  • We aim to sew and distribute enough sponge kits to save thousands of plastic sponges from being tossed into landfills each year.  More than that we want to reach and "turn the switch" on as many minds as we can. This is where you can help!


Choose your support level  -

Supporter Level $5  Your sponge kit purchase at this level will help keep this project going strong.  * Choose the 3 pack as this ships free!

Influencer Level  $0  Are you an influencer willing to share The Forever Sponge Project?  Do you have an Instagram account with 500+ followers or a popular DIY Blog? Do you have a green-geared website or YouTube Channel with an audience? Feel free to use photos and videos from this page. Send us a link to your post + your order number and we will refund your $5 so there's no cost at this level. Limit 1 sponge per influencer.

Wholesale Level  $2.50 per sponge when you order a set of 10 Sponge Kits. Sell the sponges in your store, at your local food co-op, CSA / farmers market or on ETSY.  You do not even need to be a wholesaler, this level is a great way to buy the kits in bulk to give as gifts or use for your next business promotion!  Suggested retail $5.


Our hope is, whichever level you choose, you will share the concept of The Forever Sponge Project with your friends, family, social media, and rooftops.

“If you can't do great things,

do small things in a great way.”

—Napoleon Hill


Add-on items:

An untreated Teak sponge tray will keep your sponge dry.

Taking care of your sponge is the whole point so why not go all-in with this add-on for the full Forever Sponge experience! A small investment to save $5 a month for years to come.  

Want to try and create your own sponge?  Simply purchase the 10 oz hemp fiber, filling below (enough to fill 20 small sponges). 

Note: Project levels are subject to change as The Sponge Project progresses / available for continental US residents only.

Join the no more plastic revolution!   

Why use hemp to fill your sponge? Hemp fiber is among the strongest and most durable natural textile fibers you can get with similar properties to natural plant fibers in length, durability, strength, absorbency, mildew resistance and antimicrobial properties. Ten tons of hemp can be grown on 2.5 acres of land in just 100 days, which makes it one of the best biomasses in the world.  Hemp fiber is 100% biodegradable.


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