Granulated Cork


Granulated cork is great natural alternative filling for bean bags!   

The most common filling inside off-the-shelf bean bags is polystyrene (styrofoam) beads that do not break down and are known as a serious environmental hazard. Cork is 100% natural and biodegradable.  This filling is slightly weightier and stiffer in feel then synthetic beads, but we found adding natural latex makes a wonderful cushion that still has that shifting, contouring bean bag feel.  

The benefit of granulated cork is its ability to support your weight better than synthetic pellets that can flatted over time, which are similar to disposable styrofoam coffee cups.  

Sofa shaped bean bags look great in catalog photoshoots but check out how they look in real life photos posted by reviewers! Seems they offer little to no back support unless you prop the bean bag up against a wall or two.  A cork bean bag can offer enough support for your back if the cover is designed right.

To get our handmade bean bag chair (for our in progress sectional sofa project) to hold its back support we made an interior wedge that fills the back support.  We packed the back section stiffly with cork while leaving the seat area loose + adding in some shredded latex for a sofa cushion feel you expect for extended lounging.  

Note:  Many bean bags are now sold without fillings as shipping costs have risen on oversized boxes.  This makes it easier to simply use your own fillings or even sew your own bean bag design that uses less filling like we did!

Our granulated cork is sold in 4 cubic foot boxes, 25 pounds (36" X 18" X 12" box).

Low introductory prices (Price is subject to change should the shipping rate on this box size increase).

Allergy:  Granulated cork does contain trace dust.  Please wear a mask when working with cork. Stray pieces of cork lost during filling will vacuum up easily.

Please do not dispose of cork in landfills where it can be washed into a waterway and ingested by marine life and birds.  Compost or bury it to fully biodegrade. Cork can also be added to your soil to keep it loose and aerated. 

No chemicals have been used on this cork, it is 100% natural cork.  It is a byproduct of the wine cork industry, which are very picky about which part of the bark can be used.  Cork has a natural earthy / musty smell but no smell is noticeable once encased.

Granulated cork works well to lighten a hemp hull filled cushions.


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