*New* Weighted Throw, a DIY Kit


Weighted blankets stimulate our happy hormones while reducing stress-producing hormones. The pressure from the weight of this 9+ pound throw induces a grounded state where anxiety and stress are replaced with peace and safety.    

Visually appealing, these 40" X 40" X 3" throws have the appearance of large, inviting cushions (once filled, the dimensions scrunch to approximately 36" X 36").

The cool to the touch, washable, 100% linen cover adds to the tactile experience. Natural linen works well with any interior style. Flaws in the linen weave are natural (see last photo) and we think add to their charm.

Toss them on the floor for movie night, meditation, yoga or nap time.  Bring a pair to bed with you on a cold night or add to your existing bedding as a stunning bed runner. Turn your heat down a few degrees and your weighted throw pays for itself!

The natural kapok filling is a foraged natural material free of any chemical treatments. Glass beads or sand is a common filling in most natural weighted blankets and we are not sure the reason, except that it is a natural alternative to plastic. With a glass-filled blanket, heat is drawn away from you due to the thermal conductive properties of the glass beads (imagine pressing a piece of glass to your skin, it always feels cool as the heat from your skin flows into the glass).  Kapok, on the other hand, is a dense material that feels warm against your skin and can block any draft.  

Your kit contains 4.5 lbs kapok fiber + 14 lengths of tubular fabric for your baffles + 100% linen zippered case. Kapok and the linen case are sold a la carte as well.  If you need a spare tube, they are the same length tubes we use for our mattress kits.

This is an easy no-sew DIY kit you can complete over a weekend. View the free assembly guide here.  

Lay them side by side. The tufted, casual texture adds a visual coziness to any space. Room stylists will love the shadows these throws capture for any photoshoot.  Need extra warmth for your glampsite? Pallet project?

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