Discount Spare Tubes

$4.44 $5.22

Discount spare tubes are shorter than our standard kit tube length and should not be washed.  These tubes may come cosmetically challenged and wrinkled but we promise, once they are made into pods, you will not notice the difference and they will be just as durable.

We have created this product to help some folks who are looking for an even more economical way to make their own mattresses!

Simply enter the amount of tubes that correspond to your mattress size.  Straps for the desired amount will be cut longer.  If ordering multiple mattress kits add a note in with your order that you will need longer straps cut.   For example you may order Toddler + King (55+15) 70 pieces, you would then add this note to your order during checkout "Please provide straps for one Toddler and one King kit".  

Here is a list of total number of tubes you will need for each mattress size:

Toddler 15

Cot 17

Twin 28

Full 37

Queen 46

King  55


$4.44 $5.22

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