Sheets / mattress protector / puddle pad questions

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Can I use regular sheets on my New Twist Mattress?  

Yes, you can use your regular sheets.  Be careful not to use a sheet that is too tight as this will restrict your hull movement and make your mattress too firm.  

I prefer using a flat sheet on my New Twist Mattress as I like to unmake my bed in the morning to reveal the beautiful mattress design (and give my mattress a healthier airing out during the day).  Flat sheets are just easier to fold and manage.  They look nicer too.  Unmaking a mattress makes life easier and my kids get a kick out of me asking them if they un-made their beds today!

Can I encase my mattress in a zippered mattress protector?

You can but again make sure it is not a restrictive cover.

Can you recommend a puddle pad for use with a hull mattress?

We do not have one in particular to recommend.  You can simply felt an old wool throw in the wash or Google the term puddle pad and many wonderful options come up.

What do I do if my mattress gets wet?

A sheet is all you should need for surface moisture as perspiration will dry very quickly due to the increased airflow in this mattress.  

You do want to protect the mattress from getting soaked with any liquid (as you would any mattress) but the benefit of a modular mattress is if say you should spill a glass of water on it, you would then only need to take the affected pods apart to dry.  Hulls can be dried if spread out in a thin layer.  See our FABRIC CARE tab for instructions on how to wash your tubular fabric.