Fabric Care

The fabric used to make your New Twist Kit is made from 100% organic cotton yarns.  This fabric has a lot of stretch without synthetic elastic.  The stretch comes from how it is woven (in technical fabric terms, it is a knit).  The fabric can be machine washed on cold, gentle cycle and line dried.  Turn your fabric inside out and shake off all filling materials before washing.  Important:  Place your long tubes in a mesh laundry bag made for washing delicate items to prevent your tubes from getting twisted up during the wash cycle.   

Our canvas and organic muslin fabrics are also 100% cotton and we recommend to spot clean or dry clean only.   It is recommended that you protect your topper cover with a top sheet for daily use. Note:  Avoid a tightly fitted sheets as they can restrict the movement of your hulls.  The looser your hulls, the more comfortable your topper will feel.



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