How to order your New Twist Mattress Kit

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                                                                                                 MATTRESS FLAMMABILITY INFORMATION


Want to know what's involved in making your own organic mattress before you order?  



* IMPORTANT, please read about how to maintain a hull mattress  and make sure you have a suitable bed frame before ordering.  If you co-sleep with your baby please read this important information.  We also recommend reading through our Reviews and FAQ pages to see if a hull mattress is right for you*


Step 1.

Select your kit fabric from the pull down menu on The New Twist Kit Fabric order page for the size mattress you are making.  

Step 2. 

Look up the weight of certified organic buckwheat hulls to add to you cart from the chart below.  Order your hulls by clicking on the photo of the buckwheat hulls (or link below) and adding the amount you need from the pull down menu.  We recommend using only our non roasted hulls.  We cannot guarantee another supplier's hulls will work for our mattress kits. 

Order your buckwheat hulls

Step 3.  

Decide if you would like to add pillow inserts to make pillows with your excess hulls.  We sell our bulk hulls in 35 pound quantities so most mattress sizes will have enough hulls to make one or two pillows (see chart below). 

Step 4.  

Calculate your shipping using the shipping calculator built into our shopping cart.  Contact us for a reduced, freight shipping quote if you are ordering multiple mattresses or more than 6 bulk boxes of hulls.  


 The thickness each mattress is approximately 5 1/2".

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions before ordering your mattress materials!