Is there some way I can try out a New Twist Mattress? How do I know a New Twist mattress is for me?    

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We currently do not have a showroom where you can take a hull mattress out for a test drive.  Even if we did, there is an adjustment period (a few days to a week) to get used to sleeping on a hull mattress so simply laying down on one does not provide enough information about how a hull mattress can transform the way you sleep and relieve your back pain (back pain relief is of course not guaranteed, but please read our reviews and note how many customers claim their backs felt better after sleeping on a hull filled mattress).    

We do sell sample pods so you can feel / experience a section of a New Twist Mattress.  The sample pod price includes the Priority shipping!  The large sample comes with 5 pounds of our buckwheat hulls (same thickness as actual mattress) packaged in over a yard of the New Twist fabric.  If you decide not to purchase a New Twist mattress, the five pound sample can be used to fill one of our pillow inserts.

The Pod style New Twist Mattress is modular so you can start with a two pod wide, cot size mattress to test out.  If you find a hull mattress what you were looking for,  you can simply order the additional materials to make the size mattress you need.

Another way to test to see if you like sleeping on hulls is to purchase a body pillow.  Be prepared to fight over which family member will get to sleep with it if purchasing just one!