Hull Body Pillow Kit Components


Our new, thicker, longer body pillow case is made from a softer, 100% organic double knit cotton fabric which coordinates with our most popular pillow:  The Ultimate Pillow Kit.   This envelope style case is designed to hold our single zippered inserts and our new neck roll inserts.   

This body pillow case will not hold hulls on it's own.  Pour your hulls into zippered inserts and then simply slip the inserts into the case. The fabric is machine washable (see fabric care tab above for washing instructions).

The body pillow components you will need to order is determined by the length you wish your pillow to be.  The two, "neck roll" end pockets can be filled or left unfilled.

30" X 100" are the dimensions of the unfilled case. This body pillow design holds more hulls than our previous body pillows, so the overall dimensions change a bit once filled. 

Fill your body pillow with either buckwheat hulls or lavender millet hulls (hulls sold separately).

6 pocket case plus:

four 20" X 30" inserts + two neck roll inserts = 80" long pillow

four 20" X 30" inserts + one neck roll insert  = 75" long pillow

four 20" X 30" inserts = 66" long pillow

The neck pillow inserts are optional to increase pillow length to 80" when filled.  30" X 100" is the cases dimension laid flat, once filled the body pillow's length will shorten, but the width remains close to 30 inches.

This body pillow cover is machine washable. Hulls contained in separate inserts can be easily removed for when you wish to wash your case.

For a buckwheat hull filled 80" body pillow we recommend ordering 1 bulk box of buckwheat hulls plus 10 pounds to fill 2 neck roll inserts for a total of 45 pounds.

For a lavender millet hull filled 80" body pillow we recommend ordering 2 bulk boxes (44 pounds: 3 pounds per neck roll and 9 pounds per 20"X 30" insert).

These are recommended amounts, you may use less if you want a thinner pillow.  Using our recommended amounts, your pillow will be approximately 4 inches thick!

You can also choose to use our Ultimate Pillow Inserts, but please note that we do not offer an ultimate style, double layer neck roll pillow yet.  Please refer to hull amounts for the Ultimate Pillow insert here.

All cases and inserts are custom sewn in the USA! 


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