Bulk Scooped Lavender Millet Hulls


You will receive 22 pounds of calming, lavender millet hulls in the same volume box as our bulk buckwheat hulls!    

OYEB millet hulls, are grown in the USA.  The de-huller insures us the hulls comes from only certified organic produce. 

Use scooped lavender millet hulls in your body pillows (formerly called toppers) and regular pillows.  Replace synthetic fillings around your house with this safer, natural material.

Read more about the benefits of lavender here.

Can't decide between a lavender millet hull and a buckwheat hull pillow?   Check out our  New!  Ultimate Hull Pillow Kit  New! 

FAQ: Which are more comfortable, millet hulls or buckwheat hulls? 

(Simply note in your order if you do not wish to have lavender added to your millet hulls.  Price is the same with or without lavender.  If you wish to have lavender packaged separately, please order it separately.  If you do not know if you would like the lavender, you may want to order a sample which will be delivered via USPS Priority Mail which is included in the sample price)


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