Crib and toddler mattresses / co-sleeping questions

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Can I make a crib mattress?  I plan on co-sleeping with my baby, is a hull filled mattress ok for infants to sleep on?

The reason why we do not recommend our Twist mattresses for cribs or co-sleeping is the area between the pods create a dip where a baby, without developed neck muscles, could not lift his or her face from.  Buckwheat hull pillows have been labeled as soft bedding thus a SIDS risk. From a legal perspective, and as parents ourselves, we just feel safer saying it is not suitable for infants to sleep on buckwheat hulls. 

Can I make a standard Twin mattress?

You can shorten the Long Twin Twist mattress by leaving off a row.  Keep in mind you will need to maintain / fluff your small one's mattress as you would your own.  Something for tired parents to consider!  Also, buckwheat hulls should be protected from getting wet.  Surface wetness is not a problem but if the hulls should get soaked you would need to replace them.