Bulk Certified Organic Buckwheat Hulls


$3.25 / lb  Certified Organic, Buckwheat Hulls  

You will receive a huge 35 lb box of super clean, non-roasted, buckwheat hulls for filling mattresses, toppers, pillows or other cushions.    

Finding affordable, quality hulls can be challenging as most online vendors sell imported hulls in small quantities. The 35-pound minimum quantity ensures you a great bulk rate.

Can't decide between a millet hull and a buckwheat hull pillow?   Check out our  New!  Ultimate Hull Pillow Kit  New! 

5 lb quantities of hulls can be purchased here but note they will be sold at a higher price / lb than our bulk box.

We do not recommend using another supplier's hulls to fill your New Twist Mattress as our instructions are based on using our hulls, but if you do source your hulls elsewhere, remember they must be non-roasted and fully dusted for use in bedding.

Never put buckwheat hulls in a microwave.

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