Make Your Own DIY Handmade Mattress

DIY Weighted Throw Kit (another no-sew kit!) October 06 2018

You have probably heard of weighted blankets, duvets that help to induce sleep and reduce anxiety by applying pressure to your body.  So we thought if you use your sofa as a favored spot to relax and unwind after a long day, why not make it a sensory experience?  Crawl under these kapok filled, loose, 40" X 40" warm duvets!   Toss them on the floor for movie night or...

News: Eight Foot Round Twist Mattress Kit Delivered June 12 2012

 Visit the Make Your Own Mattress Forum to see the latest kit delivered:  An 8 foot round custom kit for a floating bed!

How to do the Twist June 11 2012

(THIS VIDEO IS FOR THE ORIGINAL TWIST DESIGN, NOT THE NEW TWIST KIT) Watch this video on how to twist your pod chains. The grid you create (see assembly instructions pdf) should give you a flower pattern. Each flower should have 6 petals but will share petals with neighboring flowers. When you twist, always go over (not under) with the pod chain you choose for wrapping around the two lower...

Luffa Freak of Gourd World May 14 2012

    I love the title of this article, which by the way, suggests the use of luffa as a mattress stuffing!  Plant your own luffa garden this spring and be sleeping on it by the fall :)  Read article here.  Image via Daves Garden.
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