DIY Weighted Throw Kit (another no-sew kit!)

You have probably heard of weighted blankets, duvets that help to induce sleep and reduce anxiety by applying pressure to your body.  So we thought if you use your sofa as a favored spot to relax and unwind after a long day, why not make it a sensory experience?  Crawl under these kapok filled, loose, 40" X 40" warm duvets!  

Toss them on the floor for movie night or stack and roll them to create a reading nook anywhere.  Don't forget to bring some to bed with you on a chilling night to block drafts from disrupting your dreams or simply to keep your toes toasty. 

Washable linen covers only get softer with age.  Kapok is an all natural filling that will need to be fluffed and with proper maintaining can be a filling that lasts a lifetime.  The woven inserts create baffles that hold the kapok and the entire inside component can be easily removed for when you need to wash the zippered case.

Stunning to look at, they can be used as large throw pillows or floor pillows.  Great to take outside on a fall day to swing in the hammock or sit on your Adirondack Chair with.  This DIY is easy but a bit time consuming so take it on now as your fall/winter project and enjoy the warmth they provide all winter long.  (Kit will be available to purchase this coming week).

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