Wholesale Info

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Are you a small business selling pillows or pet beds for example?  Do you need just a few boxes of hulls at a time?  

Just ask, and tell us a bit about your business.  After your second order at our retail price, we can set you up with a customized, wholesale price with your own special order link.  No need to store totes of hulls in your living room any longer, let us store them for you and order them as you need!

Does your product requires ordering more than 180 pounds at a time on a regular basis?

Contact us and we can arrange a custom discount and arrange delivery via UPS ground but with freight pricing.  Having a commercial address for us to deliver to can save you even more.  

Do you need to receive hulls in quantities over 600 pounds?

We can arrange special pricing with freight shipping. This quantity of hulls ships on pallets. Send us your shipping address and indicate if you need lift gate delivery service or not.   

We look forward to working with you!

Reach us direct at info@openyoureyesbedding.com