The Forever Sponge Project

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Supporter Level ( $5 )  Your sponge kit purchase at this level will help keep this project going strong. Shipping is free. If you order 2 or more sponge kits we will send you a free sponge kit for you to pay forward to a friend or family member! 

Influencer Level  ( $0 - $1 )  Are you an influencer willing to share The Forever Sponge Project?  Do you have an Instagram account with more than 500 followers or a popular DIY Blog? Do you have a green-geared website or YouTube Channel with an audience? If so, pay just one dollar for your sponge kit. We will ship your sponge kit via regular mail. Feel free to use photos from this page. Send us a link to your post sharing the Project details + your order number and we will refund your $1 so there's no cost at this level.  

Wholesale Level  ( $1 ) per sponge when you order a set of 10 Sponge Kits. ($12 flat rate shipping included in price).  Sell the sponges in your store, at your local food co-op, CSA or farmers market.  You do not even need to be a wholesaler, this is a great way to buy the kits in bulk to give as gifts or use for your next business promotion! Our hope is that you will share the concept of The Forever Sponge Project with others.