Organic versus non-organic buckwheat hulls.

We often get asked, "what  is the real difference between organic and non-organic buckwheat hulls when it comes to using them as a mattress filling".  

There is a myth floating around the internet that most buckwheat hulls are grown organically as there really are no pests that bother buckwheat.  It is true that buckwheat hulls can grow well without pesticides but conventional farms will most likely spray the young plants with an herbicide and the buckwheat can be easily over sprayed with pesticides from neighboring crops.

Here at OYEB, we feel the decision to order organic over non-organic is more a question of, if you can afford the extra cost, who would you want to support, the organic grower or the non-organic grower?  

There is no research we know of on how many pesticides could potentially enter your body through contact with buckwheat hulls.  You're also not sleeping directly on the hulls, and there are probably a few layers of bedding between you and your mattress filling.

Another reason why you may choose organic over non-organic is that your mattress, once it is time to retire it, could be used to mulch your garden.  If you have an organic vegetable garden, you may want to choose certified organic hulls. 

There is also a peace of mind that comes from sleeping on an all organic mattress.  With all the flame retardants and chemicals we (and our children) are exposed to in our daily lives, it is nice to create a space where we can relax and enjoy a chemically free zone!

We offer the non-organic buckwheat hull option as well as we know our DIY customers may be on a budget.  The non-organic hulls are still a much more natural choice and a much better option environmentally than any traditional mattress.

We continue to search for different options and price points for buckwheat hulls and we will continue to be open to share how the hulls you are purchasing are grown.  

We would also like to state here that the reason we do not recommend other suppliers hulls is that we have no way of knowing how they are actually grown, processed (roasted hulls will not work in our kits), how old they are, or if the weights to volume ratio of another suppliers hulls will equal ours and this can effect the outcome of your mattress.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about buckwheat hulls!

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