Organic Buckwheat Hull Challenge!

US residents only: 

Receive a free 35 pound bulk box of Certified Organic Buckwheat Hulls on us!

We are confident that we have the best US online price for certified organic fully dusted buckwheat hulls.  We are challenging you to find a US based online store (must be a stand alone online store, not an Etsy or Ebay store for example) that sells organic buckwheat hulls for less than our bulk rate of $3.25 per pound.

There are a lot of companies, especially on Amazon, slapping organic labels on their buckwheat hulls these days with nobody calling them out for not being able to provide proper organic certifications to back up their claims. 

So here is the deal: 

Send us a link to the US based company's product page selling organic buckwheat hulls for $3.25 or less per pound (must be a US company selling hulls in US dollars and have an online website where hulls are listed for sale) + a copy of their current 2019/2020 organic certification which they must supply to you if requested.

Email these two items to us at info (at) OpenYourEyesBedding (dot) com and we will send you a free bulk box of truly certified organic buckwheat hulls and we will cover the shipping costs too! 

The competitors hulls must be fully dusted for use in bedding and not mulch grade.  Offer valid for US residents only.   

We will even take it one step further!  If you can find a company as described above selling their certified organic hulls under $7 per pound and you can provide the link and the organic certification we will send you 10 pounds of our OYEB buckwheat hulls, enough to fill a 20 X 30" buckwheat hull pillow. 

Having a hard time with this challenge?  We thought it would be a challenge!  Ok, we hope this step may be easier.  Just send us any independent online retailer's product link + the organic certification for their organic buckwheat hulls (selling for any price) and we will send you 5 pounds of free OYEB buckwheat hulls wrapped as a mattress sample pod! 

Please note our sister store cannot be used for this challenge.  Proof of organic certification is required.

Good luck!