New Twist Mattress Assembly Guide



Before you get started or before you decide to purchase your mattress kit, please scroll down and read "how to adjust to sleeping on a hull mattress".  This section was added to help you decide if a hull mattress is right for you and to give you some tips for your first few weeks sleeping on your new mattress!


How to adjust to sleeping on a hull mattress:

Many customers report a better night sleep on their first night but some customers think that they tied their pods too tight as their mattress feels too firm.

The important thing to remember is that there is a "break-in period" where your mattress will soften. The fabric will stretch a lot within the first few weeks. To get this stretch started, you can walk on your mattress on your knees to apply pressure to each pod. 

Don't be tempted to loosen your pods right away.  This will result in your mattresses becoming too loose after the break-in period. Your body will also need time to adjust if you are not used to sleeping on a firm, grounded mattress.

Your pods should never have wrinkles in the fabric.  If you see wrinkles, your pods are too loosely tied and you should retie them.

If you have trouble adjusting it may be due to an uneven or too slick surface under your mattress.  Remember not to use a support with slats, springs or any frame with movement.  If you need grip under your mattress try a cotton rug or wool blanket (makes maintaining the underside of your mattress easier too).

Never put anything between you and your pods except for your bottom sheet. The comfort from a hull mattress comes from the ability of the hulls to shift and contour to your body.  Make sure your fitted sheet is not too tight.  We use only flat sheets as our bottom sheet so we can then control how tightly they fit. 

Don't forget to fluff your mattress. To do this, simply pull up on each pod in the main sleeping zones to redistribute any hulls that have nestled into one another.  It only takes a few seconds and your mattress will always feel brand new, never worn out in one area.

If you are have any issues or if you just want us to take a look at your assembly or bed frame set up, you can send us a photo at

Congratulations on making your own mattress!