Low Bench Kit

Included in your low bench kit:

3 Pure Bond plywood bench kit pieces + 8 wedges

You will need thirteen inexpensive 2X3's for this project.  Choose the straightest lumber from the pile and you may want to pick up an extra board to have on hand in case a board gives you some trouble (if too twisted it may be hard to slide through the slots).  

2x3's are not included with the kit, you will need to purchase these locally. Have the 2X3's cut to the length you wish to make your low bench or coffee table. Most big box hardware stores will cut your lumber to length for you.

Assembly is just 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Position your boards with the long slot on top.

Slide six 2X3's into the lower 3 slots as shown below, positioning the plywood boards where you like.



Step 2

Push 2 of your wedges as indicated below on an approximately 45-degree angle.  Wedges should be oriented so as you push them in, the taper gets larger and it should get tighter as you push. The wedges will stick up from the 2X3's an inch or two. You may use a hammer to make them sink in further to make the bench even more solid and sturdy.

Step 3

Slide the remaining seven boards through the top slots.  Shift the 2X3's so you have 2 gaps as shown and push the remaining wedges into place. These top wedges are inserted verically (straight up and down) and not on an angle like your lower wedges. The top wedges should go through the gaps in the lower boards as well.  

You can put your wedges on whichever side of the boards you prefer and you are done!