How should I dispose of my hull mattress when it's life is over?

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Tons of mattresses are causing major problems: clogging up landfills and leaching poisonous flame retardants into the earth.  

By making your own, chemical free mattress you have solved the problem of the flame retardants leaching but what about the landfill problem?  

The good news is you are solving that problem too.  When your mattresses life is over or needs to be disposed of for some reason, you simply have to mulch your garden with it!  Don't have a garden?  Put up a listing on Freecycle or Craig's List and you will easily find a gardener who will take your "garden gold" off your hands.

Buckwheat hulls make a very attractive landscaping mulch and weed block.  Both millet and buckwheat hulls will help the soil below retain moisture so you will not have to water your plants as often. 

A great second life for your mattress that will improve the earth, not harm it.