How long will my New Twist Mattress last?


Your New Twist Mattress will last you 27.75 years!                                                                                                    BACK TO FAQ INDEX

Just kidding.  We wonder, "how does one test a mattress to tell if it will last 25 years?"

Here are our honest thoughts on how long your mattress will last and how often you will have to replace your hulls and fabric:

The longevity of hulls:  

We have no idea.  Really.  We have been sleeping on the same hulls for 5+ years now and we see no signs of our mattress loosing any loft, support or comfort.  Our hulls even smell as fresh as the day we made our first mattress.  

But everybody is different and every mattress will see a different amount of wear.  Here are some variables that may effect the life of your mattress:  

Your body weight and number of people sleeping on the mattress. How active the sleeper(s) are at night.  If it is your main bed or a guest bed. Your climate; dryer conditions may help the hulls break down faster.  Pets and kids; we do not have to say any more than that, if you live with them you know what we mean. The growing season of the hulls, and oh so many more variables we probably have not even thought of!  

By working in natural materials, we now understand why this world is full of easy to control, predictable, synthetic stuff. 

The longevity of the New Twist fabric:

The fabric is lighter weight than you may imagine but surprisingly strong.  Be careful to not let very sharp objects (some jewelry, cats claws for example) snag the fabric. This is not a big deal as only a few hulls will escape in a snag situation.  A few hand stitches and your mattress will hold up fine. You can also replace a pod that gets damaged if you wish.  Remember, your mattress is modular so if a section get damaged, you do not have to replace your entire mattress, just mend or replace the damaged pods!  You may want to order a spare tube or two to have on hand for this reason.

We feel your fabric will last you many years to come. Since the kit fabric is the same price as a new pair of jeans these days, you may just choose to replace your fabric just to have a super fresh mattress.  You can even take your mattress apart and spread your hulls out on a tarp for a sunshine cleaning while washing your tubes and hanging them out on your line to dry.  What other mattress can you clean like this?  

Now think of that 25 year warranty mattress and imagine what is inside that mattress after all those years!




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