What happens as hulls break down? Do I need to replace them and how often? What maintenance is required with a hull mattress?

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Do I need to replace my hulls and how often?               

Hulls are 100% natural and nature is designed to break down to create beautiful, nutrient rich soil.  What does this mean for a mattress filled with a natural, organic material? Well, it means your mattress filling is meant to break down.  You will not need to add hulls any time soon, but if you ever feel your mattress is not as supportive as it once was, you can simply add a few cups of hulls to each pod.  No need to replace all your existing hulls, except if they should get wet for any reason (this does not include surface wetness, perspiration for example, which dries very fast on a hull mattress).

What maintenance is required with a hull mattress?  

Small particles (bits) of your hulls will break off and will be part of your sleeping environment.  The good thing is gravity will not allow these bits to travel near you as you sleep, they will fall to the bottom of your mattress. The knit fabric of the New Twist has a very open weave producing an environment with lots of air flow. This airy environment sends dust mites packing because tiny mites only like to nest and breed in warm areas with very little air circulation.  

Back to the small bits that will escape the weave of the knit fabric and will land below your mattress. It is better that the debris escapes the your mattress and not accumulate to break down further.   If this is something that you could not bear the thought of happening under your mattress, a hull mattress may not be for you! 

Here is how we suggest managing the debris that occurs from the hulls breaking down:

You may place a cotton rug, flat sheet or inverted fitted sheet (not too tightly fitted remember) under your mattress.  Every so often, lift up a pod of your mattress to see if you need to clean underneath.  The hull bits can easily be cleaned by gently lifting each pod and vacuum the area under the pods using a small upholstery attachment.  This sounds like a job, but really it only takes a few minutes and can become part of your normal vacuuming / sweeping schedule.  

Other than keeping the underneath of your mattress clear of hull bits, your mattress may need an occasional straightening as your hulls may try to slowly creep over the edge of your bed frame unless your frame has a small edge to prevent this. A gentle shove here and there, and everything goes back to where it need to be.

Think of your New Twist mattress more like a feather bed and less like a block of foam.  Give your mattress a fluff every evening before going to sleep by pulling up on and gently shaking each pod.  Fluffing ensures that all hulls are freed from nestling into one another.

Our mattress feels like a brand new mattress every night and we never have to worry about the materials unevenly compacting or forming uncomfortable sags over time.  It is a good feeling to have so much control over how your mattress feels!