What does a hull mattress feel like?


What does a Hull Mattress feel like?                                                                                                                           BACK TO FAQ INDEX

Keep in mind most natural materials do not feel spongy or spring back like foam.  Most of us have gotten used to sleeping on soft, springy surfaces but it makes you wonder if that is why so many of us suffer from some level of back pain.

Buckwheat hull mattresses are firm similar to a traditional Japanese wool or cotton futon.  It may take you a few weeks to adjust to your new mattress if you are used to a foam or spring mattress.

Can't I simply fill a mattress cover with hulls to make a mattress?

The mattress contains just the right amount of hulls in each area to restrict the movement of the hulls. It is difficult to create a comfortable mattress by simply filling a cover with hulls.  If you fill the cover too much you restrict the freedom of the hulls and your mattress will feel too firm.  Fill the cover loosely enough that the hulls have enough room to move and you will end up parting the entire mattress with your body weight creating a valley that makes it hard for you to move.  The goal is to have your mattress feel soft and comfortable with the hulls contained just the right amount to keep you supported and not have the hulls give way to the weight of your body.   

Is a Twist Mattress lumpy?

You can feel the separate compartments when you first lie down on your newly made mattress, but once the fabric loosens (with use) they do not feel lumpy.  Every sight movement you make shifts the hulls and they slowly mold to your body. I like to wiggle my hips and shoulders slightly when I get into bed to help the shifting to get started.  The hulls do not fight with your body, they conform to your every curve making a slight impression of you!  This is what makes sleeping on hulls so nice, as every part of you is supported.