Millet Hulls Verses Buckwheat Hulls? What about mixing buckwheat hulls and millet hulls together as a filling?

Which are more comfortable, millet hulls or buckwheat hulls?                                                                             BACK TO FAQ INDEX


Millet hulls are much smaller, softer hulls that slide against each other in a more quiet, silkier fashion. We recommend millet hulls for your head pillow as it feels soft and has less of a rustle sound especially inside our organic, double knit, cotton insert fabric.   Millet hulls create a softer feel but do not spring back like foam. Comfort from both type of hulls comes from the contouring effect they have on your body with the combination of continuous support and air flow.

Hull mattresses will never compact, sag or become deformed in any way. Pillows (body and head) should be loosely packed and do not use tight cases or sheets that can restrict the movement of your hulls.  For body pillows, you want a surface you can easily dig your toes into!

Buckwheat hulls also make a wonderful sleeping surface. They also do not spring back. There is more air circulation in a buckwheat hull mattress so they may be more suitable for warmer, humid climates.  You can hear only the faintest rustle of the hulls when you move on the New Twist Mattress. Only roasted hulls are sharp and can poke your skin.  Our non roasted, certified organic buckwheat hulls feel soft against your skin and do not need the extra layer of wool batting to make a comfortable pillow.  The closer the hulls are to your body the more you will enjoy them!

Is there any benefit to mixing buckwheat hulls and millet hulls?

It can make a lighter pillow. Hulls are heavy and mixing in lighter millet hulls can fill a volume with less weight.  There are health claims out there saying millet hulls can boost your immunity although we have not discovered any reliable information on this.  If this was proved to be true, we could see the benefit to mixing hull types. We have tried mixing hulls for a pillow filling,  and it does not change the feeling of the pillow but does make it lighter weight.

Is there any benefit to layering buckwheat hulls and millet hulls?

Yes! They compliment each other perfectly when layered (verses mixed together).  The layered hulls seem to provide the perfect mix for supporting you neck and head while aligning your body in the perfect position for a restorative, undisturbed night's sleep.  See our Ultimate Pillow Kit for more on this topic.

Can I use millet hulls in my New Twist mattress?

Currently the New Twist is only recommended to be filled with our buckwheat hulls.  Millet hulls are very small and can escape the weave of our tubular fabric.