DIY Information For Canvas Twist


Are you a true DIY'er?  The instructions and template to make your own kit is now available.  To order the instructions pdf click on the Twist Mattress and hit details.  The last item on the pull down menu of sizes, is the pdf.


Below is where we will post information for filling and fabric amounts to help you calculate your project costs. 



This table will help you determine how many "pods" you will need to fill for the three basic kit sizes:

                                          Long Twin 39 X 80         Full  54 X 75  Queen  60 X 80        King 76 X80


This table will help you determine how many "pod chains" (or finished covers) you will need to sew or that you will receive in your finished kits:


This information will help you determine how much yardage you will need for your specific mattress project:

Length X width of a two pod chain template:      33" X  11"      *

Length X width of a three pod chain template:    48" X 11"       *

Length X width of a four pod chain template:      64" X  11"      *

      *  Plus 1 additional yard for sewing opening valve per mattress

     Remember fabric must be doubled for each pod chain


Recommended amount of organic buckwheat hulls for Twist Mattresses: 

3 quarts or approximately 1 pound per pod.


Recommended amount of organic buckwheat hulls for Toppers:   

20 pounds or  5 pounds per section (four sections per topper)


Additional Tips: 

One pound of hulls equals 2.9 quarts. Measure out a pound of hulls and pour into a clear bin.  Shake the bin so the hulls are level and draw a line with a sharpie marker.  This way you simply have to fill the bin to the line each time and you will not have to keep weighing or counting quarts!

Making a mattress is a large project and it is best to break up the job into stages and not try to do everything in one day or evening unless you have help.

Fill a few pod chains and twist them together to make sure you are (1) able to twist them together and (2) you are happy with the feeling and appearance of the sample section.  It is easier to make adjustments on a few chains verses having to go back and revise the whole lot!

Watch the short video on how to do the Twist here.

There will be a point when the Twist may feel tight and that it might not work. You just need to keep adjusting the hulls and fabric and it will. If you are truly having a hard time getting the twist to work, simply use less hulls.

Twist in rows, left to right or right to left and always twist by going over first, then under two other chains, and then coming up back to the same spot as where you started.

If you find you lose track of your pod chain grid, color code the strings or use different colored stickers to tell them apart.

Where you are connecting the 2 pod chains to the 4 horizontal pod chains, alternate (flip vertically) the location of the tied sections on your horizontal rows  to avoid having one spot where you would have three roped connections meeting (this makes more sense once you lay out your pod chains).

(optional :) Take fun pictures of the process along the way and send them to to share them with the "make your own mattress community"

And last, if you run into any trouble, do not hesitate to contact me, I am always here to help.