30 DIY Mattress Ideas: No. 10 Original Twist mattress + Natural Bean Bag Mix

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Important note: We are not advocating that you actually make these mattresses. They have not been tested and are not approved mattress kits. This is an exercise of the imagination for entertainment purposes only. Think of this as our private design notebook, now opened for everyone to see!

Original Twist Mattress Pattern + Natural Latex and buckwheat hulls.  


This design put Open Your Eyes Bedding on the map.  The Associated Press just finished an article on Making your own mattress and bedding. We were told that we would have a small mention at the end of the article, pretty cool.  Then I got an email that they needed photos for the article ASAP.  If you know us, you know our response rate is well, fast. So I shot them some high quality jpegs and they ended up changing the article to not just mention us as a side note but to make us the feature of it!  This news story went National and so we did too. Can't believe this was over a decade ago.  Time flies when you are having fun!   


DIY natural bedding and mattresses

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10 years and now we want to bring this design back into the spotlight.  The one think we did not know back in 2013 was that buckwheat hulls need to be compartmentalized in soft stretchy fabric so they have more freedom to move and contour to your body to be comfortable. This design looked wonderful but needed a soft topper laid on top to soften it.  Defeated the purpose of making it so beautiful, so we always wanted to recreate it using a softer filling, so today we did just that!

Our sample:   48" X 48" averaging 6" thick.

How did our sample feel?  Just as we imagined, soft and cushion-y.  Yes we could feel the twists but that did not take away from the comfort.

What we like about this mattress idea:  Why shouldn't every night feel like a beach vacation?  It really does fix most mattress problems except if you are trying to make a too firm mattress softer, that won't work as you do need a soft base for the hemp hulls to contour to. 

Negatives:  This mattress does not move around well.  It's best to be made in place.

Future possibilities:  I like the idea of selling this design as simply pillows that twist, verses a mattress.  I imagine headboards and floor cushions, benches and daybeds. Art pieces really.