Can I sew my own New Twist Kit? Can you tell me how and what fabric to use?

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You may be able to sew your own tubes, but of course we cannot help everyone with their individual projects.  Also, we cannot recommend this as we have only met the Flammability Standards for Mattresses using our fabric and hulls. 

We do not have a recommendation for a fabric you could use to replicate ours. Our knit is very stretchy due to the weave.  Our kit tubes are cut to just over 6 foot lengths.  The tubes are 6 inches wide.  If you cut a tube open and lay it flat it measures 12 inches across.   

We can ship our fabric kits internationally but not our hulls.  If you would like a shipping quote please contact us with exactly what you would like to purchase and your shipping address and we can send you a custom order link.