Hull Pillow Insert Product Description



Have you ever wondered why hull filled pillows are so expensive?

Why not make your own?  

We have designed this 100% organic cotton sateen (330 thread count) insert to contain your hulls.  All you have to do is fill it with natural buckwheat or millet hulls and zip it closed. Standard size (20" X 30") pillow cases work best with our inserts.  Zipper is not organic.

You should experiment to see what quantity of hulls is best for you, but we recommend up to 9 pounds of hulls (both millet and buckwheat hulls) as a good amount to fill this cover.  If you are interested in purchasing just the right amount of hulls for a traditional hull pillow see check out or traditional pillows too.  

Please allow 2 business days for your inserts to ship.  

Pillow cases not included.   

Safety Note:

Do not let infants sleep on buckwheat hull pillows as they are soft bedding and are considered a SIDS risk.  Please use your judgement when co-sleeping with your baby.