Best sleeping positions on a hull mattress



We often get asked if a New Twist Mattress is better for side, back or stomach sleepers.  We find this to be such an individual and subjective question that we really do not have "a one size fits all" answer.

From personal experience, I was a life-long, committed, side sleeper (on foam and spring mattresses).  Once I made the switch to a hull mattress, I quickly changed to a back sleeper.  It just feels so good when the hulls mold to the curve of my back.  

I also mold my millet hull pillow to contour to the arch of my neck and I can feel a slight stretch through my body and any tension I had stored during the day disappears.

I have heard other customers report the same and most reviews mention something about back or neck pain relief.    

One other thing to mention here is that hull mattresses may work better with a thinner pillow as your body will sink into the mattress a bit.   

I think side, back or stomach sleepers have labeled themselves after the most comfortable position they can find on a foam or spring mattress.  Keep an open mind while you adjust to your hull mattress, as it is a totally unique experience!