GOTS Cotton Waterproof Fabric Sheet Organic Mattress Protector


This fabric is a game changer!  The stretch offered by this fabric works well not to constrict your hulls.  

No more noisy, uncomfortable, PVC plastic sheets.

Protect your mattress from accidental spills, nappy leaks, perspiration, pet stains, or whatever else life may throw at your mattress.

The GOTS certified organic cotton jersey is infused with a corn based glue (glue meets the strict GOTS strict standards for environmental and toxicological criteria) and our tests prove that water left standing on this fabric overnight does not seep through.

The fabric is offered in 3 *sizes: Small (approx. 40" X 60"), Medium (approx. 50" X 72") and Large (approx. 72" X 90").  

*Sizes are approximate as (1) the fabric has some stretch to it and (2) different lots of fabric may have more or less selvage area which we trim off.

Lay this fabric between your mattress and your bottom sheet.  No seams means your protecter sheet will lay very flat and not be felt under your bottom sheet. Take care to orient your protector sheet so spills would not easily run over the sheet's edge.

If you want to fully encase your mattress, reach out and we can have a cover with a zip off top panel custom made for you.  


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